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Audiobook for White Skies Black Mingo


In Ohio Country, 1854, 12-year-old Margaret flees a terrible epidemic devastating her Ohio Seneca clan. Mentored in the ancient arts of medicine and healing at a young age, she travels to Wheeling, Virginia, in search of a new life with her mother and shaman grandmother.

When Margaret finds herself suddenly orphaned, she is thrust into the wilderness and an impending winter storm. Abandoned amid fur trappers, wild animals, and fierce weather, she struggles to survive the treacherous journey along with her two beloved wolves, Hato and Kake.

An unexpected betrayal leads Margaret into servitude on a Virginia plantation. Her captivity changes the course of her life forever and sets her on a path of mercy as a medicine woman during the darkest hour of American history - the Civil War. A chance encounter with a Union soldier leaves Margaret torn between two very different worlds and one very forbidden love.

A winner of NINE major book awards for its positive and true portrayal of Native Americans. Commended for its strong female protragonist. Recommended for readers thirteen years old and up. Available in audiobook, eBook and paperback.



Heart of Steel Based on a True Story Audiobook


Heart of Steel is now available in Audiobook, eBook and Paperback on Amazon!


In the early morning hours of September 13, 1920, 12-year-old, Stanley is awakened in his Southington, Ohio, farmhouse. He discovers his mother spent the night bound and gagged in their kitchen and his father murdered in his bed while he slept. Stanley desparately races along a dusty country road sent by his frantic mother to fetch the Sheriff.

An infamous scandal unfolds over the next several weeks revealing a shocking truth and sending Stanley and his four siblings on a harrowing journey through a notorious orphanage and an unlikely plan to escape.

Will finding true love be Stanley's only hope to finally coming to terms with the torment of his tragic past? Or will the world of speakeasies and gangsters condemn him to following his father's sinful footsteps?

The story is based on true events in the life of Stanley William Miller. It inspires the heart on how a young man's devotion to his family pushes him beyond impossible odds and testifies to the perseverance of the human spirit.

Heart of Steel is a murder mystery, an infamous scandal, a family drama and a beautiful love story. Get the whole story at