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Heart of Steel: Based on a True Story

Five Stars
Heart of Steel is one of those books that leaves you an emotional mess after you turn the final page. This heartfelt story is written by the grandson of Stanley Puchalski/Miller and what a story it is. Kevin Miller pulls out all the stops and pulls no punches when telling it like it must have happened. Told with heartfelt love of siblings and their mother, he writes as if he were walking in their footsteps and we are walking with him. I was captivated by the detail and how he set each scene. Raw, gritty and at times a bit bloody, I could not put it down until I reached the very last page. And at that last page, I had tears in my eyes. This is a book for the ages and it leaves one wondering just how many similar stories might be ferreted out if one were to just ask the right questions and look in the right closets. Read Heart of Steel – you won’t be disappointed.

Linda Thompson
The Author Show

Five Stars
Heart of Steel is the true story of Stanley Miller and it is hard to find a more realistic tale that will touch you deeply. Kevin D. Miller has written of abuse, murder, prohibition, life on the farm, pain, suffering and joy with so much heart and feeling. I felt as though I was sharing a story with a friend and felt all of Stanley’s emotional ups and downs with him. I cried, I laughed, I worried and I couldn’t stop reading Heart of Steel because it is just a really good book. Heart of Steel covers so many genres and is good reading for the young, the old, male and female – just about everyone should read this book.

Trudi LoPreto
Reader's Favorites Book Reviews

Five Stars
When leaving a review, I never divulge the story arc. I want the reader to experience, as I did, the excitement, the joy, the angst of reading each page. I read the book in one day. I did try to prolong the enjoyment by putting it down and going outside, but it kept calling me back. And like a piece of fine chocolate, I couldn’t resist. It is that good. Told with passion and vigor, the descriptive narrative of Heart of Steel is fresh and intense. An extremely powerful story which centers on twelve-year old Stanley Puchalski, the second oldest of five children, Heart of Steel is divided into three sections, and begins in the fall of 1920 on the Puchalski’s family farm in Southington, Ohio.
“There he is. Papa. Sitting at the table in his neatly pressed overalls. Always wearing that same stupid T-shirt with the torn collar. His cold blue eyes are mean and piercing. You don’t want to look him directly in the eye for too long. Not if you know what’s good for you.”
If anyone asks if Heart of Steel by Kevin D. Miller is a good book? The answer is simple. “Yes. One hundred times yes.”

Lindie May
Lindie's Indies Book Reviews

Five Stars
Author Kevin Miller delved deep into his untold family history to give us a story based on his grandfather’s harrowing childhood, and the man he became. Set in Ohio during the 1920s, “Heart of Steel” hits all the right notes of that period, a time of Prohibition in America. Miller pulls no punches with the dark side of events and does a masterful job blending fiction with fact. His characters are compelling and well-developed, and the dialogue is snappy, often fun. I read it in far into the night to find out what happens. A treat for fans of historical fiction set in the fascinating early 20th century, and those who enjoy novels based on true events.

Author Claudia Oltean

Five Stars
One day, author Kevin Miller discovered that his last name wasn’t Miller at all; it was Pulchalski. His grandfather, Stanley Pulchalski, changed his name in an attempt to reinvent himself after a family tragedy. Heart of Steel will take you back to the early morning hours of September 13, 1920, when events were set into motion that would reverberate into the present. At once a murder mystery, family drama, and sweeping romance, this book based on a true story is well worth the read.

MacKenzie Stuart
Early Bird Books

Five Stars
This novel was a great read. It held my attention from beginning to end. Every family has secrets, and this book starts with an abusive father, a murder, and then an escape from an orphanage. It's a tale of resiliency and reinvention. Despite our baggage, we can always choose to take a different path and make something of ourselves. Miller is a wonderful writer. He is great at characterization as well as fast-paced storytelling. I highly recommended this book and can't wait to read some of his other work.

Author Elizabeth Merck


Amazon Book Reviews 4.6/5.0 (60)

Goodreads 4.31/5.0 (29)

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White Skies Black Mingo

Five Stars
"From the first page to the last, I was drawn into a world populated by characters who stole my heart, living a story that kept me on the edge of my seat. I won’t be forgetting this book anytime soon and neither will you!"
—Dreama Denver, award-winning author and wife of late TV icon and Gilligan’s Island star Bob Denver

Five Stars

White Skies Black Mingo is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I was a fan from the first word to the last. Author Kevin D. Miller made each word come alive and jump off the page with his vivid descriptive storytelling. Kateri was the sweetest of characters and it was impossible not to root for her in her times of hardship and in times of joy. White Skies Black Mingo is written about the Civil War, the unfairness that the Native Americans had to endure when they lost so much, and the treatment that the white man meted out to them. I highly urge you to read this amazing book – it will definitely not disappoint.
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

Five Stars
"From the first moment you meet Native American Kateri (Margaret) in Kevin D. Miller’s novel White Skies, Black Mingo, the young heroine’s spirit and courage will captivate you. Miller’s gripping writing will take you on a thrilling adventure of danger, American history, redemption and love. You will be completely enthralled.”
—Ty DeMartino, Screenwriter/Playwright

Five Stars
“Kevin Miller does it again! His follow up to Heart Of Steel takes readers on an incredible journey back into the 1800s with a young Native American girl from the Seneca tribe and follows her into the darkest hours of the Civil War. White Skies, Black Mingo is a real page-turner!”
—Burke Allen, Allen Media Strategies

Five Stars
White Skies Black Mingo is the second book after Heart of Steel that author Kevin D. Miller has penned. Dealing with a story from the 1800s, Miller’s characters are deeply thought out and the way he tells the story of the young heroine is captivating. On a side note, I was excited to explore a bit of West Virginia in this novel. Hope you enjoy White Skies Black Mingo as much as I did.
—Kevin Sizemore, Actor, Producer, Director

Five Stars
Jennifer Shepard rated it it was amazing
This is the first book I read from this author and let me tell you that I loved it! Such a good book with great characters that keeps you obsessed with every page since the first one. The ending of this book.. come on! I just didn´t expect it! Can´t wait to read other books from this great writer! Amazing job! a must-read! A fantastic book that has it all! I happily endorse this book to any and all who are looking for an awesome novel and mystery enjoyable read, a completely different experience than anyone could imagine on their own. ¡Great book!

Five Stars
Kenny Edwards
Out of the park hit!

I just finished “White Skies Black Mingo” in just two sittings! I rarely read a book so quickly.

Kevin Miller has done it again with this book. It is quickly captivating, drawing the reader into the story at a level far beyond simply reading a book. I was drawn into the story immediately almost like a movie extra, never speaking or being spoken to, but still a part, feeling and being affected by the story’s unfolding events.

The descriptive manner in which it is written demonstrates research, attention to detail, both cultural integrity and respect, and a clear understanding of the human condition.

All in all, an amazing book I highly recommend.

Five Stars
Claudia Oltean
Powerful Historical Story, Beautifully Written--Must Read

Award-winning author Kevin Miller’s latest book, the historical novel White Skies Black Mingo, is a triumph. Set in America in the 1800s, the story centers around the fascinating life journey of an Indian girl of the Ohio Seneca clan. Orphaned by a terrible epidemic at a young age, she faces trials and dangers that had me glued to the page. Her grandmother had taught her something of the healing arts and she becomes a skilled healer as the book progresses over several years. While her story is at the center of the book, larger, historic issues are blended seamlessly into the narrative. These include the abysmal treatment of American Indians by ‘white’ settlers, and the racial prejudices against blacks that culminated in the Civil War. An overriding theme of the book is the power of love. It is demonstrated many time and in various ways. Kevin Miller’s storytelling is strong, and his prose is lush and evocative. I read this late into the night and was sorry when it ended.

Five Stars
Rachel Bartley
How good, hope, faith, and persistence can win over evil.

Kevin did it again! White Skies Black Mingo is an awesome novel, a mystery read! I have Cherokee and Choctaw mix in my DNA/family. I also lived on a reservation as a child in Arizona. My dad worked with Apache, Navajo, and Hope tribes. Reading this book, White Skies Black Mingo brought back memories from those days for me.
This book tells of a different time in history when the color of your skin, your place in society, or level of wealth determined how you were treated. It also showed how love, faith, and determination can help good people to see the good in everyone that is not truly evil. I also like how it shows that children can be strong, smarter than people give them credit for, and survivors.
I literally laughed out loud, and cried, (grabbing the tissues), when reading this and in parts got very angry at what was done to innocent people; tugging at every emotion a person can feel. It's very hard to stop reading, but I paced myself with this book. (Unlike when I read Kevin's last book Heart of Steel...I read it in two days a 5⭐+).
I highly recommend this author Kevin Miller of White Skies Black Mingo… With what is happening in America today, read this and get a refresher of past times, so hopefully history does not get repeated, at least the bad parts of history. White Skies Black Mingo
Another 5⭐+, must read!
book. A must read!

Five Stars
I recently had the pleasure of reading White Skies Black Mingo. There’s so much history and detail with a few twists and story.. to the point that you cant put it down. This would make a wonderful movie…I loved it!! I highly recommend this book…5 Stars!

Five Stars
A. REYES - NOVEMBER 11, 2020
I love this story!!! Author Kevin D Miller’s unique style takes you on a riveting journey lasting a decade. I could not wait to turn the pages! I found myself feeling anxious, fearful and laughing with the characters. A great read and definitely one to add to my favorites!

Five Stars
Loved this book!. Enlightening look back in our history at the real struggles of race, different cultures and the horrors of wars. Out of all these struggles comes a most beautiful love story. The author has a unique style of writing that really holds your interest. Highly recommend this book and look forward to seeing more from this author.

Amazon Book Reviews 5.0/5.0 (11)

Goodreads Reviews 5.0/5.0 (6)